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Photos: before-and-after restoration samples, or wasn't my grandma a cutie?

Part of the reason why I enjoy scanning old photos is having the opportunity to play around with them -- touch up dust spots, minimize creases and stains, draw goatees on people I don't like ...well, you get the idea. Today my sister sent me a few dozen photos our cousin had scanned and two were earmarked as ones that had been chosen to go in the booklet for Grandma's memorial service. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to see what I could do with them before they went to printing.

Before-and-after samples:

Family stories have Grandma around four years old in this photo. There's a framed enlargement of the rather battered original, spots and all, at her home in Los Angeles.

I think Grandma's in her mid-teens in this photo. I hadn't seen this one before today, but she looks about the same age in it as photos I have seen of her between ages 14-16.
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