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Gadgets, gift ideas, a cool kids' catalog and a green dress.

I caught part of HGTV's I Want That! and hit their website in search of a bottle cap tripod. While I was there, I decided to browse through all 200+ products listed on their site and found a few that looked interesting enough to blog for later reference:
  • Shower Manager, a shower time limiter that reduces the water flow after a preset time (5, 8, or 11 minutes).

  • self-watering stacking planters (this induced immediate lust in me, especially since the self-watering pot the peppers are in makes it *so* much easier to care for that I'd like them for all the trees, the hibiscus and the grapes)

  • NoginSox bicycle/sports helmet covers

  • Nature Mill, a home composter that uses electricity for easy hot composting

  • Critter Cord cord covers to deter pet chewing

And some other things I had filed away to look at later:

Also, how come I haven't heard of the Anthropologie catalog before? I could never afford anything from it, but those dresses are delicious to look at. I almost peed myself when I saw the emerald dress comes in my size. If I had a million dollars, that would be my green dress. </obligatory BNL joke>
Tags: 381.45_gift_ideas, object_lust

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