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I should learn to let sleeping crabs lie; and a photo of a crab eating floating pellet food.

It's been awhile since I posted about the residents of our freshwater tank, so I'll start with a quick census:
  • Nasumie, an orange-spotted white koi around 5" long. The all-over orange koi we bought at the same time, Dorothy, passed away in February.

  • Two as-yet unnamed 3" long spotted white metallic koi acquired after Dorothy's passing.

  • A couple of goldfish collectively named Dorothy. I call them "the lesser Dorothies", which is grouped in my head with the Lesser Antilles, aside from the obvious fact that fish =/= archipelago.

  • A pair of juvenile angelfish, Angelus and Angelicus. (They named themselves.)

  • Three 3" bala sharks. They are shy and generally do not greet me unless I have food.

  • Sir Winston, a spotted pimelodus catfish.

  • A couple of giant danios. Like the angelfish, they aren't real bright; unlike them, they swim too fast for me to photograph with the flash off.

  • A couple of common plecos

  • Some small shrimp (I *think* they are Amano shrimp, but I wasn't there when Vogon picked them out).

...And the heroes of this story, several red-clawed crabs (Sesarma bidens).

Normally they hang out in the nooks and crannies of the two large rocks in the tank and get their land time by hanging out on top of the power heads. If I see them outside of those spots, they're on the bottom of the tank doing stuff, so I was a little worried when I saw a female crab sitting on top of a rock near the glass that didn't react or move when I challenged her from outside the tank. (Done by waving one's pointer finger around, it's not as exciting as it sounds.) I mentioned it to Vogon when he was taking a break; his response was to take a plastic syringe from the tank supplies and squirt water at the crab, who got up and quickly scuttled out of the way. Apparently, I had been bothering a sleeping crab.

Later on, when I dropped in some floating food pellets to distract the fish while I dropped sinking pellets into the rocks for the crabs, we learned that the crabs also like the floating pellets:

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