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It looks like a nephew and some more rambling about book fair.

My sister found out the gender of her baby-to-be (due in early July), which means I can start making gender-specific baby things and buy some CU baby outfits. (edit 2321: add a knitted Viking hat to the baby things to make. I almost snorted my drink when I looked at the photos.)


Volunteering at Laurel's school at times I see a lot of kids is a surreal experience.

In just shy of five hours there today, I opened up the book fair in the morning (another volunteer came by with the register key), made a half dozen circuits around the room to straighten up books in all the cases, rearranged the books in the final day discount boxes to be easier to visually scan through and make recommendations for kids that came in with <$2 in change wanting to buy a book, and cashed out one of my $5-per-shift credits to buy a book off a teacher's wish list.

(I cashed out my other credit on paperback copies of Spindle's End and Angel of the Alamo from the discounted books. If I named the place I live, it would be something like Oddharmonic's Home For Wayward Books (Periodicals Also Welcome). I'm a book binding-sniffer.)

All but one of the Cub Scouts I saw said hi to me (the one that didn't was a first-grader that was probably a little worried that a grownup he didn't immediately recognize knew his name), Laurel's entire class said hi to me on their way to lunch, and I got hugged by the music teacher.

In case all that wasn't strange enough, the pro tempore PTA president asked me if I want to coordinate the book fair next year. Just imagine me with a hyperactivity point over my head in response. I told her I'll think about it and get back to her.
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