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Media diet: Wonder Pets! This is sewious.

In Henry Rollins' live show, he tells an anecdote about turning to a friend and asking "Am I high?" after the president used the phrase "courageous spatial entrepreneurs" in a speech.

I wondered that today when flipping through channels and catching part of Wonder Pets! on Nick Jr. After asking Vogon if I was hallucinating, I paused my belief in reality and enjoyed the rest of the show, noticing its similarity to Go, Baby!, which I saw for the first time after handcoding blogged about his TiVo recording Go, Baby! based on its Suggestions feature and he thought it was hilarious to watch while slightly drunk. I think it's hilarious sober too, mostly because Richard Kind narrating in that "adult talking to baby" voice is farking hysterical, especially when you start talking back at the TV: [Narrator] "What would Baby do without you?" [Me] "Poop itself?".

Bonus six degrees of trivia: Wonder Pets! and Piper O'Possum on Nick Jr, Go! Baby on Playhouse Disney, and Oobi on Noggin are all made by the same production company, Little Airplane. There's a demo reel on their site, but it starts out with Piper, which I tuned out and waited for the good stuff.
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