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Two years in Dallas, a Laurel reading milestone, and two missing socks. Also, CJ's birthday.

Today marks two years since Laurel and I arrived in Dallas.

It also marked the first time she read her entire bedtime story aloud. She picked one of the more challenging picture books from her little library, Eric Carle's A House For Hermit Crab. She did a lot of sounding out and asked for help with unfamiliar words like 'anemone' and 'lanternfish', but she stuck with it and at the end, asked if a hermit crab would get get along with the red-clawed crabs (Sesarma bidens) in our freshwater tank. I told her they wouldn't, since red-clawed crabs are aggressive. (If they had speech bubbles over their heads, they would say "Hey, wanna fight?" most of the time and "Dang, I'm hungry." the rest.)

This week I hope to look at acquiring a dresser so I can enjoy my third year with more than one drawer and a suitcase. Perhaps I will find my two missing socks in the process.


Also, today is slutmuphin's birthday. Eat cake and prosper!
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