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More spring break fun, new plants, hair length, object lust and 1st ed Les Mis found in trash.

Drop-in playtime at Pump It Up was pandemonium. We left about ten minutes before the end of playtime after I gave Laurel her second warning to follow the same rule -- only one kid on the slide at a time -- and the girl she went down the slide in tandem with started bawling as soon as her adult called out her name.

While we were outside for her to have a chance to calm down, she alternately cried and told me I was mean because that she wanted to visit Colorado for spring break (their spring break is next week, this week is CSAP testing) and informed me she was going to get rid of me and get a new mom. I'd wish her good luck with that! I think we'll be focusing more on craft projects for the rest of the week.

After this morning's adventure and lunch, we went to Strong's Nursery (972-242-7574 and trshtwns01, they have free fill dirt) for some nematodes to take care of recurrent spider mites affecting our Mexican limes. We wound up coming home with them, two praying mantis egg cases (don't ask) and two new citrus trees for our patio container garden, a Meyer lemon and a clementine.

I'm seriously considering cutting off my hair again because I'm tired of picking it out of the vacuum rollers and if I cut it to chin length now, it'll be down to my waist again in a bit over two years if I let it grow out. Feel free to e-mail any photo requests you have now so I can fulfill them before I get my locks shorn and shipped off for another donation to Locks of Love. (Regardless of how you feel about their practices, I'd rather donate my hair to them than throw it in the trash.)

In the meanwhile, here are some assorted tools and toys I have been drooling over:
- a Revolation 2 chocolate temperer (less fuss than a double boiler, but I don't make chocolates enough to justify a dedicated appliance for it)
- an 80-piece garnishing tool set and Asian-themed shaped vegetable cutters
- mini hot dog cutters in crab and penguin(!) shapes (mmmbento has a post with hot-dog crabs)
- Readerware, multi-platform software for cataloging books, music and movies with a barcode reader (never mind that I don't have a barcode reader for my PC, although I may have one for my TRS-80 Model 100 I'm going to shut up here before ninjas kill me for my obsolete technology).

For all the people that have teased me for picking stuff out of the trash: a nun in New Orleans found a signed first edition of Les Miserables in the trash.

Confidential to techno1992 and anyone else in Dallas planning to go: One week to Sun Up at Quorum!
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