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Laurel's first spring break, miscellaneous mental lint and a trip to the local aquarium store.

The high pollen count lately has me feeling crummy and my psoriasis decided to get in on the act too, but this upcoming week is Laurel's spring break so I hope she'll enjoy sleeping in.

I'm looking for indoor activities we can do within walking distance this week. So far I've come up with drop-in playtime at our local Pump It Up and going to Nickelmania, but the latter may be rolled in with a den activity this week. (Can you tell we had a meeting this weekend?)

I was invited to a planning meeting for Laurel's school's Family Fun Night on Saturday. I think the lady planning it may have been briefed about me before we met, since I was asked to coordinate decorations.

Later on Saturday we stopped by Dallas North Aquarium, where I wanted to look at Bala sharks (Balantiocheilus melanopterus) and Vogon wanted to get more shrimp and plants for our freshwater tank. I think he's trying to tempt me into getting the saltwater tank in the living room going. If we keep going there, it won't be a hard sell. (:

After Laurel and I looked at the fish, we left Vogon to wait for his turn to get his picks bagged and went up front to see the cats and dogs Paws in the City had there. Laurel wanted to adopt them all, especially a little brown dachsund and a vision-impaired Husky/Shepherd mix from New Orleans (her picture and story are about halfway down their Adopt A Dog page), but we don't have a yard for a dog and Biko's a one-cat-household girlie so I distracted her from being upset that we can't adopt a pet right now by getting her to concentrate on threading a bill through the lid of their donation jar. Heh.
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