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From SugarBank, a blog about the business of pornography: A Pornographer's Guide to Protecting Kids from Porn Online. (This specific post does not contain explicit content.)

It's nice to see someone else saying the same thing I was saying to a newsgroup in 1999 about safe surfing needing active supervision more than filtering software. My favorite lines from Sam Sugar's article:

"Protecting children who aren't actively looking for sexual material is as simple as good parenting."


"When minors are interested enough in sex to look for it online, the rules change. You can't treat pornography as something they're innocently stumbling into, and you can't expect them to ignore the mental and physical aspects of puberty until they're legal adults."


Sep. 4th, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)
HPV and Gardosil!!
I read your blog entry on a website regarding wanting to give your girls this vaccine... you seem like a very well-versed and well-read woman...
Gardosil only vaccinates against 4 of the more than 100 strains of this virus... and HPV is a Sexually Transmitted disease... so: If you don't have it and are married and you and your husband choose not to sleep around... you have NO RISK OF CONTRACTING THIS VIRUS!! I have NO idea why they aren't talking about the fact that HPV is sexually transmitted but it really makes me furious that people are willing to inject foreign chemicals into their children, especially, without properly educating themselves about what is in them... the vaccines I mean.

Kiera W. (age: 27, mother of 2, 1 on-the-way!)

Please... please think twice about injecting your children with anything and do SOME RESEARCH!! It's not hard the info is right here on the internet. 99% of the Medical Doctors out there only know as much as the drug representatives that sell the meds tell them for that 1-2 hour period they spend in the MD's office. MD's, especially the general practice/ pediatricians, know a little about alot, but they definetly don't know everything about anything... please keep this in mind.


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