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From SugarBank, a blog about the business of pornography: A Pornographer's Guide to Protecting Kids from Porn Online. (This specific post does not contain explicit content.)

It's nice to see someone else saying the same thing I was saying to a newsgroup in 1999 about safe surfing needing active supervision more than filtering software. My favorite lines from Sam Sugar's article:

"Protecting children who aren't actively looking for sexual material is as simple as good parenting."


"When minors are interested enough in sex to look for it online, the rules change. You can't treat pornography as something they're innocently stumbling into, and you can't expect them to ignore the mental and physical aspects of puberty until they're legal adults."


Feb. 27th, 2006 06:49 am (UTC)
When I was teen, I had playboys.
When my Uncles were teens, they had Lady Chattery's Lover
When my Grandpa was young, they 8-pagers
When my G-Grampa was young, they had little photos.
Before that was etchings.
Back in Roman times they clay pottery...

And no matter what, there was the "behind the barn" where older kids told younger "secrets" or *even better* you go to play doctor with the girl next door.

Porn, erotica, sexual knowledge has been available since the dawn of time. The only thing that has changed is easy access AND a sudden raise in the assumed age of maturity.

Not that long ago (50-200 years) it was not uncommon for young folks to be considered FULL adults at 18, 16 or even 13/14.

Feb. 27th, 2006 07:31 am (UTC)
Actually, until the 20th century, adulthood was pretty much puberty, where it biologically is. All of this "18" business is an artificial construct western society has come up with. Humans are fully capable of being "full adults" at 13, if they're raised wisely and responsibly.
Mar. 1st, 2006 02:11 am (UTC)
an artificial construct western society has come up with.

This is what I call an "artificial dependency." It defines something that forces everything else to depend upon it, but it is simply a thought or idea that is there because people need something with which to operate, not realizing that this idea will affect things in the future. It is simply a "handle" onto which one's mind can grab.

Put differently, it is "racism", "class-ism", and "pull my finger" (but with a twist -- it isn't fun.)

I have been working with this idea for a very long time and the more I see it the more I know it is... artificial... sometimes harmful, but more just... a fakeness which damages one's ability to think clearly.

(oddharmonic delete this if it bothers you, as always.)


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