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General suckage improving, sewing notes, and Blue & Gold tomorrow.

Things that have been subpar around here are slowly improving.

My immune system seems to have sufficiently gutted out the kidney infection and the lump under my arm turned out to be an unhappy hair follicle, so things are relatively normal for me again with just a cold and generally feeling blah health-wise.

Two weeks after being fired, Vogon was offered a senior developer position by a VAR for the product he was a developer for with his former employer. It's a telecommuting position, so we're getting the study set up to be used as an office and should see cable high-speed access here sometime next week. We get to pick our own health insurance so I'll probably be looking at that in the next few days; today, I'm filling out and printing enrollment documents for him to sign and return while he's doing something at their office about 25 minutes' drive from here.

A not-entirely-expected side effect of preparing for him to work from home is that he wants to upgrade my computer. I'd be happy with just some more RAM, but PC100 RAM isn't coming down in price any more and he thinks it would be easier just to replace my motherboard and who knows what else. As long as it's not down for long, I'll deal with whatever he decides to do, but I'm not getting my hopes up after the perpetual "we should do [x] to your computer" that I went through with Himself.


I've been whipping through the cheerleader costumes this week and plan to drop them off at the school tomorrow morning. I'll be finishing the chartreuse dress this weekend after I go to the fabric store for matching thread (it'll blend better anywhere there might be exposed stitching than the light neutral threads I have on hand) and a new looper threader (wire-loop threaders have a short lifespan in my hands). The sewing machine is due for service based on the sounds it's making at low speeds, so I'll ask at the fabric store about their machine service pickup and turnaround times. It might not be a bad idea to pick up an inexpensive machine to use while this one's being serviced since most of the time I just use straight and zig-zag stitches.


My pack's Blue & Gold Banquet is tomorrow night, which should be interesting. It's much fancier than what I remember from when my brother was a Cub Scout, but I think the catered food and assurance that he could wear his MP3 player during the cute round song our dens learned (Laurel adores the song and sings it at random times, though she munges "C-3PO" into "MP3-C-O" while I try very hard not to laugh) was what sold him on going with us to one family event other than the fall family campout.


I haven't been commenting much this week since I've been reading late at night with Vogon using my computer during the day, so happy birthday to those of you with birthdays this week, my sympathies or congratulations as appropriate, and a big welcome to starzz and bear25p's son Nathaniel. (:
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