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Five Love Languages quiz, homemade photo tent and MP3 player case patterns, FF2006 pattern lust.

I picked up a link to a Five Love Languages quiz from jinkeez awhile back but hadn't gotten around to asking Vogon to do it for my edification until this week. It was interesting to see how different our wants are.

1. Words of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Physical Touch
4. Acts of Service
5. Giving/Receiving Gifts
1. Physical Touch
2. Acts of Service
3. Quality Time
4. Words of Affirmation
5. Giving/Receiving Gifts

Perhaps sometime when I feel like writing a bunch of stuff out again, I'll fill out the Love Bank/Love Busters questionnaires from Marriage Builders (one of Vogon's favorite sites to recommend) for him. I did it a few years ago but I think they got lost in his study before ever being read.


I've wanted to acquire a photo tent for a couple of years. Vogon came up with an idea for a homemade one last year, but only got as far as buying some wood and halogen puck lights. My limited woodworking and electrical wiring skills aren't up to that, so I let it go and kept dreaming about the light tent kits advertised in photography magazines.

Today, while following links from craft blogs whose syndicated feeds I usually skim on my LJ Friends view, I found directions for a homemade setup using a plastic storage box, interfacing, clip on lamps and a sheet of poster board. I've got almost all of that on hand and what I don't have can be scrounged. Whee! I hope to be able to produce great product photos for eBay listings in less time than my previous method, which involved a lot more futzing in Photoshop.


The on-hold-until-I-draft-a-pattern project of making a case for Vogon's MP3 player may start moving again after I finish the volunteer sewing bits. Savvy Seams' MP3 Player Case #3 looks like it would be easily adapted to fit that MP3 player. (His other one came with a rubberized bumper and I haven't traced its various dimensions onto paper to start a pattern anyway.)


The Fantasy Faire 2006 series of cross-stitch patterns is available now. Unfortunately, it's not in my budget this year. (I bought a copy of Teresa Wentzler's "You Were Hatched..." from the FF2005 set last year.) I feel so silly lusting after something like that, but it is nice to have something to dream about. Perhaps I can swing a copy of Cross-Eyed Kat's Snowfight: Blue later this year. (Snowfight: Red is part of the FF2006 set.)
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