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A funny about food, chess, neatness from Lego bricks and Altoids tins, and Cetaphil vs. head lice.

Vogon mentioned a few nights ago that he wants to make tofu Parmesan sometime soon.

Him: It's just like chicken Parmesan, only with tofu instead of chicken.
Me: Okay. I've never had chicken Parmesan.

[silence; he boggles]

Him: Are you kidding?
Me: No. The last time I told you that, you decided to make it, but you overcooked it and threw it out.

[more silence]

Me: What?
Him: Okay... have you ever had scrambled eggs?


open_loops' recent post "Seven Reasons Managers Should Play Chess" could easily be titled "Seven Reasons Any Reasonably Intelligent Person Should Play Chess". I should assemble a portable set and teach random kids how to play chess.

Make: Blog's Lego archives has a few things I hadn't already seen. Mostly the pinball machine. *lust lust lust* After that, I went over and boggled at the things that won the Tin Million Uses, One Metal Box competition. I've got to get braver about cutting into the stash of mint tins I have here.

WebMD blogger Dr. Steven Parker (Healthy Children, available on LJ at healthychildren) posted an article yesterday about a study that used Cetaphil cleanser to get rid of head lice with an overall long-term cure rate of 94-96%: Got Lice?. I plan to try it if the kiddo gets head lice in the future.
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