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Laurel's second report card.

Laurel's report card for the second nine weeks of the year came home with her on Friday.

The highlights:
- all of her grades are consistent or have improved;
- her developmental writing stage has gone from "using random letters in writing" to the next higher stage, "labels with sounds or words";
- she now identifies all lower case letters except for 'q' and uses the letter sound for all letters except 'j';
- she recognizes all the numbers to 20 and writes almost all of them (less 9, 17, 18 and 19, we're working on '9's facing the correct direction);
- she recognizes most shapes (all assessed except for cylinder) and is starting to consistently describe the same;
- is performing consistently at standard expectations for citizenship, art, music and physical education; and
- has reading skills just above the "on level" indicated on the kindergarten reading level expectations chart.

A progress report on her IEP was included in the report card envelope. The speech pathologist reported: "Great progress. Laurel has already mastered saying final consonants on the end of words and in sentences."
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