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Burnt thumb, holiday photos up, and training NetFlix to not recommend TV series I wouldn't watch.

I burned the pad of my thumb on Wednesday, so now you know why I haven't been posting or commenting as much as usual. I followed the SOP for burn treatment and now it's just a little sore, which isn't bad for what was probably a second-degree burn.


Holiday photos are up and half-heartedly captioned in the gallery album for Christmas 2005. I wrote most of the captions while half-awake, so feel free to point out any obvious errors. I'll fix the awkward phrasing in the photo credits from Christmas Day later.


Vogon created Netflix identities for me and the midget. Rating films to get better recommendations is interesting. I initially indicated that I liked the Television genre instead of just adding the few series I'd like to see to my queue and now it keeps recommending Sex and the City and Friends even though I click "Not Interested" every time one comes up. Laurel's only favorite genres are Anime & Animation and Children & Family, yet it recommended Friends to her too. Bleh. After adding about a dozen movies to her queue from series or characters I know she likes, we started rating her recommendations and it's getting better, though I had to rate her not interested in Enterprise too after it somehow made that connection.

On that note:
- Which Mr. Show discs would you recommend? Should I just start at the beginning and watch them in order of release?
- Why isn't Robot Chicken Season 1 coming out on DVD until March?
- Is Goodnight Sweetheart ever going to be released on DVD?
- Is anyone else as amused as I am by the end of the voice talent of Bratz: Rock Angelz including Lacey Chabert, Soleil Moon Frye and Wendie Malick? Or that it's even mentioned in the blurb?
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