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Finding a basting gun, sewing clearance finds, and I've started tagging Vogon's journal.

One of the things I want to do to declutter the living room is to take care of a sewing project Vogon left underway. He left it because he doesn't like to do fussy pinning. I left it alone because I didn't want to pin through the thin layer of polyethylene foam in each piece. The obvious solution for this project is a basting gun: a quilting tool that you load with plastic tacks (they're a smaller relative of the ones that hold price tags on clothing), pierce through the sandwich of materials you're trying to baste together with the gun's needle, and shoot.

Finding one proved to be a bit of a challenge. Our neighborhood Hancock Fabrics no longer carries them. Joann's carries a June Tailor model ($30 on sale), but our nearest store is 20 minutes away. Vogon initially headed in the wrong direction for the most direct route, so we decided to stop at our nearby Wal-Mart to check there before driving out to Joann's.

Not only did Wal-Mart turn up a less expensive Prym basting gun ($16.73 plus tax), rifling through the latest clearance turned up Wrights fleece binding for half price, replacement cables for circular knitting needles and an eXpresSew pattern book for a song and -- best of all -- Wizard Attachments feet for less than $5 apiece! (We picked up the Elastic Wizard and Ribbon Wizard guides in another clearance find last year, but hadn't acquired a Wizard foot to use them with yet.)

He started basting his project with the basting gun this morning. It's a little noisier than I expected but it looks pretty cool. If he's okay with me taking work-in-progress photos, I'll show you how neat the little red basting tacks look.

edit 5 JAN: The Prym quilter's basting gun bit it after repeated jamming and issues with the needle. We'll be trying the June Tailor basting gun next week.


In other news, Vogon has given me the security clearance to tag his journal. It's slowly but surely starting to take shape, so soon you should be able to see all of his recipe posts at a glance. Rowr.
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