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A couple Laurel notes, lock pick stocking stuffer, and picking up waymarking, a geocaching spinoff.

When we picked up Laurel yesterday, we spotted a familiar pair of sunglasses sitting on the edge of the sandbox in the pre-k and kindergarten gated area. She'd left them there on Thursday, playing there while were waiting for Vogon to give us a ride home after her class party, and they were still there Monday with just a little light scratching. He also decided it is amusing to call her Nanook when she is wearing her new winter coat. Whee.

Today she brought home a plastic maraca and sang bits of "Feliz Navidad" until I started going nuts, so I bought the track from the iTunes store so she has something to sing along with. We're still working on the shaking with any semblance of keeping time -- right now she's twirling around and shaking it at a speed best described as "please for the love of little apples stop before my ears bleed". (The maraca is not going in our carry-on luggage tomorrow.)


I already mentioned this to Kit, but I think the Dyno Kwick Lock Pick, a handy spring-loaded pick for pin-tumbler locks that's compact and inexpensive (about US$20), makes a great stocking stuffer.


And in first-post nerdiness, I'd like to point out that I'm the first LJer to list waymarking as an interest. It's like geocaching, except it's more directory-based than exact location-based, and it's a fun new thing to try. Also, their banners are so cute they're almost twee.

On that note, the Ginormous Everyday Objects category compels me to note the coordinates for and take a photo of Coney Island in Aspen Park while I'm visiting Colorado, see if I can find the the street address of a few places to determine the coordinates of where I've already taken some pictures, and take my own photo of a certain McDonald's near the Dallas Galleria. I knew taking pictures of things that made me laugh would be useful someday. Hee.
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