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Guess who's serving on jury duty?

It turned out I'm not actually nuts enough to get out of jury duty, even though I voted for Nader in 2000. *wry grin*

At any rate, I'll be out of the house from about 0700-1800 for the rest of the week since yours truly gets to be on the jury for a criminal case. Once the verdict is handed down, I'll post on it so you can either be disturbed or amused.

When answering the question about friends and relatives in law enforcement, I remembered to mention Zack (my favorite Marine MP *g*) but forgot to mention Sunnie's a dispatcher. It's a shame, 'cause the judge probably would have had a chuckle if I'd mentioned the May incident involving a naked man in a wizard's hat.

Incidentally, I also met a Guardsman stationed at Buckley that I think Himself would get a kick out of; he didn't get picked for the jury but I caught him afterward and gave him our URL written on the back of one of the Rosie Ring-Around business cards I had on me. I may have forgotten to tell him that I only face-paint for now, though. Heh.
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