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A bouncing birthday party, a new scarf for me and a new winter coat for Laurel.

Those of you that know how uncomfortable I get in social situations would have been proud of me on Saturday. I went with Laurel to a birthday party for one of her classmates at Pump It Up and not only did I talk to all of the other parents there, I took off my shoes and went in/on most of the inflatable bouncers with Laurel when she asked me to go with her. I took lots of photos too, but haven't unloaded my camera yet. On the down side, the latest front to come through laid me out so I only made it through the party thanks to meds and caffeine... but the important part is that I made it and Laurel had a good time.

Vogon granted one of my holiday wishes later that day with a pretty blue scarf. He also gave me a pair of gloves for me to try on, but the fingers are too short. (No surprise.) I tried on several pairs of gloves the next day only to find they all had too-short fingers, so I think I'm going to have to shop online to find gloves that fit.

We went to Burlington Coat Factory on Sunday to get a warm winter coat for Laurel before our trip to Colorado. She was delighted by the selection and picked out a light pink parka with gray fake fur trim on the hood; the coat and detachable hood are lined in black polarfleece and the included scarf, hat and mittens match the lining. I have to sew a couple name tapes in and she'll be good to go for the chilly early part of the week here; naturally, it's going to be a warm Christmas in Dallas while we're in Colorado. I'm glad my down comforter is still there!
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