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A brief tangent into my birth chart, or I am such a Leo.

On the way home from my meeting tonight, we listened to Paul Mooney remembering Richard Pryor on NPR. Mooney mentioned he couldn't do characters the way Pryor could because he was a "double Leo". I asked Vogon what that meant and he explained that the sun and moon were both in Leo at the time of Mooney's birth. After we got home, I dug out my natal chart for my own edification and thought you might find it interesting.

Sun 16 Leo 56 15N46
Moon 0 Leo 37 18N17
Mercury 0 Leo 25 20N14
Venus 2 Cancer 14 19N14
Mars 17 Libra 26 6S55
Jupiter 13 Virgo 20 7N31
Saturn 24 Virgo 55 3N56
Uranus 21 Scorpio 32 17S54
Neptune 20 Sagittarius 3 21S41
Pluto 19 Libra 21 7N59
Node 20 Leo 10 14N46
Ascendant 12 Leo 59 16N55
Midheaven 1 Taurus 29 11N60
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