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New music lust (Verve Remixed box), life imitates TV, and blathering about what to study.

One thing I'd actually buy on CD instead of in iTunes: The Complete Verve Remixed Deluxe Box, released last month. The fourth disc is a bunch of unreleased mixes and videos, including an both an extended mix and a video of "Sinnerman". *drools*


While listening to the breaking news yesterday afternoon about federal air marshals shooting a passenger on a jetway in Miami, I told Vogon it wouldn't surprise me if it turned out like an episode of CSI ("Unfriendly Skies", season 1) where an air passenger that started behaving erratically and was taken down by other passengers turned out to have encephalitis. Score one for pragmatism, I guess.


Vogon has been prodding me lately to look into studying human factors -- according to him, it's all I talk about.

I'll bite: I usually bring up the latest Alertbox or Don Norman articles at lunch because I'm interested in his opinions on them coming from his experience in software development. He gave me two Don Norman books that were on my Amazon wishlist for Mother's Day, which made me joke that I should put some Edward Tufte books on that wishlist for the next time I think he might look at it.

Seriously, what keeps kicking me is that what I think I really want to do is study library and information science, but I need to finish my undergraduate work in order to get there and I don't know what I want to study. I suppose it doesn't really matter -- I know dozens of people, if not more, who work in fields totally different from their undergraduate field of study -- but I want to chart a course that will get me to an LIS program with the least time spent wanking about to get there.
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