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Meme: the year in brief (first line from the first post of each month)

January: A toast with 1996 Dom Perignon, a lovely vintage.

February: Vogon and I are discussing pattern-drafting software and a Threads online extra on ease guidelines and tips for various software packages tempted me to browse through their other online offerings.

March: I tucked in early last night but was woken up a scant hour later by what I thought was a very loud nightmare.

April: Four doses into the clindamycin (one 150mg capsule 3 times a day), Vogon commented this morning that the swelling has gone way down.

May: Laura Cantrell's new album, Humming by the Flowered Vine, is now available for pre-ordering on

June: Vogon's experiencing some side effects that worry me -- dizziness, nausea, swelling around the eye below the wound, hallucinations which may be related to the concussion *or* the Dramamine II he's taking for the nausea) -- but he's seeing his doctor tomorrow.

July: Dear Laurel, You turned five yesterday.

August: techno1992 said to consider myself tagged, so here's five idiosyncrasies.

September: The school nurse checked Laurel's vision as part of her screening for services (to get her into speech therapy) and sent home a note in her daily folder on Thursday asking me to call or come in to talk to her about Laurel's vision.

October: After she finished drinking a cup of juice, Laurel proudly informed me she won.

November: [Cap'n Bob's obituary]

December: Listening to Morning Edition today, I have been struck with acute object lust for a device recently approved by the FDA: the EarPopper.
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