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FDA approves the EarPopper, a medical device I'd like to own in the near future.

Listening to Morning Edition today, I have been struck with acute object lust for a device recently approved by the FDA: the EarPopper. Available by prescription, it relieves negative ear pressure and helps fluid in the ears drain by blowing air up your nose.

Sound bizarre? It's based on Politzerization (also called the Politzer maneuver), which works by blowing air up the nose during swallowing. As the person doing it swallows, the air blown up their nose is diverted to the Eustachian tubes, inflating them and equalizing pressure in the sinuses.

When my sinusitis flares up so badly my Eustachian tubes close, I usually fix it by exhaling with my mouth closed and nose pinched shut, known as a Vasalva maneuver. It works well, but the Politzer maneuver is safer since it's possible to rupture the eardrum by performing a Vasalva maneuver too forcefully.
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