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Sewing for Barbie, jumpers done, recent Bookslut gems, dollar store finds and danged mosquitoes.

It looks like I'll have to see what Barbie patterns Mom saved from when we were little burritos next month because I've only found one Barbie pattern in my pattern stash and it's not for clothing but accessories. (I bought it to make a hanging organizer to hold her dolls.)

I found a couple of free patterns I might print and take a stab (haha) at later: Summer Fun, a beach outfit and bag from Ben Franklin Crafts, and a bunch of fashionable patterns in German.


I finished the jumpers (think overalls with Velcro® closures where the metal hardware would be on overalls) I committed to sew for the second grade musical production next month. I'm not completely pleased with them, but they look reasonably good and they'll serve their purpose well. I took photos to document that I'm not a total klutz sewing slippery fabric lined in costume satin or the other insane fabric combinations I bravely manhandled pinned, serged and finished rather neatly.


If you read Bookslut or CounterPunch you've already seen this, but John Ross' column "When A Language Dies" brought tears to my eyes. It also strengthened my desire to learn Nahuatl.

Speaking of Bookslut, the best one-liner I've seen in months comes from Michael Schaub on newly found evidence that CS Lewis opposed the idea of a screen adaptation of his Narnia books:

You don't even want to know what Jesus thought about The Passion of the Christ.


I bought a tin of General Foods International™ Chai Latte on impulse at the dollar store over the weekend. It's disturbing -- tea from powder?! -- but oddly compelling. I also bought two mini tins of Altoids just so I can stitch a pair of tiny tin toppers for them and Laurel and I found a spring-wire and nylon crinkle tunnel that's now wrapped and under the tree for Biko.


During the hurried bringing-inside-of-plants earlier this month when we had a frost warning, the hibiscus came inside in a deep plastic tray it had sat in during our summer vacation to hold extra water. It had a small amount of standing water in it and now we have mosquitoes. Ugh. I emptied the tray outside today and found a plant saucer for it so it's a little better, but I am kicking myself over that lapse of judgment.
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