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Things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my daughter, who makes me laugh and makes trips to the fabric store an adventure.

I am thankful for my very own Peter Pan, who treats us like his wife and daughter even though it's not our legal relation to one another.

I am thankful that we are able to live in a nice neighborhood and a school district with the resources to provide services that help Laurel excel.

I am thankful that Laurel's school has a well-organized volunteer system and a PTA that's the chartered organization for a Cub Scout pack.

I am thankful for my crazy family, who have always been there for me and Laurel and were supportive of my short-notice decision to move to Dallas.

I am thankful for having a dedicated place to sew with enough drawers to sort all the trims, tools and threads and a ginormous cutting mat.

I am thankful for FlyLady, whose routine development helped me make the time to nurture my creativity and be proud to go to sleep with a shiny sink.

I am thankful for all of you that have worked or are working in underpaid and often underappreciated fields for the greater good.

I am thankful for having great sourdough bread, great cheeses (and Sigel's for their fabulous selection), and all of you.
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