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Media diet: Kinsey, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, and Inside Deep Throat.

Man, we have so got to subscribe to NetFlix. We're starting to run low on interesting finds at Blockbuster, plus NetFlix would be less expensive in the long run. If they offer any refer-a-friend offers, I'd be happy to give one of you guys credit for referring us.

In the last week, we have watched:
  • Kinsey, which was surprisingly sweet. All the IMDb comments where people called various scenes disgusting or immoral took me aback a little -- were they all forced to watch the movie at gunpoint? Did they expect a movie about the life of a sex researcher to somehow NOT involve sex? Bah. It was an enjoyable flick, although I felt the urge to make Rocky Horror jokes every time I saw Tim Curry.

  • Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical, which was campy and exactly what I imagine the love child of Jesus Christ Superstar and Chicago would be like, except that Ted Neely is still my mental image of Caucasian Jesus and not the guy in this movie. The final musical number was so over-the-top my sides hurt from laughing. Any of you that like Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars (techno1992, I'm looking at you) I especially recommend it to -- she's cute as a button in 1950s fashion and has a great singing voice.

  • Inside Deep Throat, which made everything I've lamented about Blockbuster's documentary selection moot. The cameo appearances are incredible -- Xaviera Hollander, Dick Cavett, Camille Paglia, Erica Jong, Georgina Spelvin (who still looks really good), Dr. Ruth, Annie Sprinkle with bits of green, blue and purple in her hair... and Lenny Camp, the location manager for Deep Throat, is the funniest foul-mouthed crazy old man I have ever seen.

    Near the end, prosecutor Larry Parrish talks about how the time and conditions are right for enforcing obscenity laws but he thinks the Bush administration is ignoring that in favor of the War on Terror. He ends with "Now, if we can only get rid of these terrorists...", which made Vogon say something he thought he never would: "Thank God for terrorists!".

    We also mocked Parrish for saying that he still had images from the movie burned into his memory but when asked later in his interview, said he couldn't recall any specific scenes. I bet he secretly fantasizes about Harry Reems, who looks remarkably like Harry Winkler now, except he got sober, found Jesus and sells real estate in Utah.

    It also has a mind-boggling amount of bonus features for a single DVD; I want to own the film because there's no way we're going to get through all of them in the next couple of days. It also has the best line from a documentary in my memory, from Gore Vidal: "If everybody lies, then there's no reality."

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