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On Saturday night, Laurel shook her hips and sang "I want to hula hula" (to the tune of "I Like to Move It") while dancing to an electronica version of the can-can. Now she's wandering around wearing the hula skirt over her jeans and dusting things.


To fill my desire to label things, I've been tagging past posts in cross_stitch and menstrual_cups. Yes, they're disparate topics, but both communities have embraced tags and I'm all for that.

In the process, I've picked up a pattern request for a sampler of the Greek alphabet (my working copy looks okay but not up to my high standards) and inquired whether an unfinished piece someone was considering selling is still available. Once finished, it would go well with the princess theme Laurel wants and look nice hung in the same room as Faerie Godmother.

I also nearly peed myself laughing at a reply to a post asking about whether pressure changes related to flying would affect the effectiveness of a menstrual cup: "It's fine; I've done it. My cooter didn't blow up." It doesn't help that we watched Kinsey last week, so I keep laughing at seemingly random things. I think I might have actually peed myself a little at the post where someone suggested calling their cup a cuntbucket. *dies laughing*


I got an e-mail today from a visitor to my website that started out complimenting the photos on my website, transitioned into talking about high arches (something I like about my feet but makes shoe shopping unnecessarily difficult) and ended with an offer to make a custom reflexology chart for me. Isn't that random?


Nov. 15th, 2005 09:13 pm (UTC)
Ooops, lets try that while logged in...
But it still gave a interesting view of a "real persons" picture cloud.

Yep, many more at your gallery. Can't tell you're a proud mom...

Though there does seem to a missing type from either gallery. ;)


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