Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Stupid people IM me randomly.

If it wasn't a weekend, I'd wonder what a 15-year-old is doing up at this hour, much less randomly messaging me to ask if I'm on LJ and if so, will I give them an invite code because they found me on AIM. I understand being young and poor, but $5 is budgetable. Bleh.

For reference, the other person's text appeared in my AIM window in bold red MS sans-serif on black. Gah.

[01:29] NeoCharles1987: Hello there!. How are you?
[01:29] NeoCharles1987: r u there?
[01:30] Highqueen: All right. Do I know you?
[01:30] NeoCharles1987: u have a live journal?
[01:30] Highqueen: Yes.
[01:30] NeoCharles1987: hve u like referred anyone yet?
[01:30] NeoCharles1987: or invited.. whatever they call it
[01:31] Highqueen: Yes. Why are you asking me this?
[01:31] NeoCharles1987: damn.. cuz i need to find an invitation
[01:31] NeoCharles1987: can u invite me?
[01:32] NeoCharles1987: ¿
[01:34] Highqueen: I only give out invite codes to people I know or give me a good reason why they need one. You need to either find a friend of yours with one (free users get one invite code) or pay for an account; they start at $5.
[01:34] NeoCharles1987: i really want one, and all my friends alredy have one, and invited already
[01:34] NeoCharles1987: and i dont have the $$
[01:34] NeoCharles1987: :(
[01:38] Highqueen: That's not a compelling reason. $5 is _not_ a lot of money. Once you save that up, all you have to do is go out to a grocery store, supermarket, etc., buy a money order and mail it to LiveJournal. (Check and money order payment information is in the FAQ at: ).
[01:39] NeoCharles1987: :'(
[01:39] NeoCharles1987: what can i do to let u give me 1?
[01:40] Highqueen: Speak English, for starters.
[01:41] NeoCharles1987: what can I do for U to convinve U to give ME the CoDe
[01:44] NeoCharles1987: :-\
[01:44] Highqueen: I could use the furniture in my living room rearranged.
[01:44] NeoCharles1987: >:o
[01:44] NeoCharles1987: OnLiNe
[01:46] Highqueen: What? I know I'm online and, quite frankly, there are very few Internet-specific favors I want.
[01:46] NeoCharles1987: :-D
[01:48] NeoCharles1987: . . . . . . . . . .
Tags: 004_computers, 817_humor

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