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Walking, neighbors, kiddie party, still got a cold, vote Tuesday... don't expect much this week.

I didn't have to walk as much as I expected to last week thanks to:
- a neighbor giving Laurel a ride to school in the mornings and picking me up to pick her up in the afternoons,
- two Scouters giving me a ride to and from the committee meeting Wednesday, and
- another Scouter giving me a ride to/from a costume meeting on Thursday night. (I'm helping sew for the second grade's winter musical production.)

I'm looking for a nice way to thank the neighbors if anyone has any suggestions; I don't know much about them other than through their kids.

I noticed carpeting going in somewhere downstairs on Thursday and thought it must be one of the two smaller apartments on the other side of the breezeway from us, but it turns out our downstairs party neighbors have finally moved on. I met the new neighbor that moved in this weekend and she seems much more likely to not throw weekend-long parties unless her school-age kids are really out there. *wry grin*

I took Laurel to a classmate's birthday party on Saturday. I think the gift I picked out was okay -- only knowing the recipient likes Star Wars, I bought a LEGO Clone Scout Walker -- and she had a great time at the nickel arcade. She tried a few games beyond her current abilities (Dance Dance Revolution, a racing game she couldn't reach the pedals on) but turned out to be scarily good at the games where she had to hit a button to stop a countdown or a lit LED near a specific point. She redeemed her tickets for a red-winged plastic butterfly that now lives in her plastic bug house.

My cold is still kicking my butt, although Vogon hinted it may be more than a cold now since the stuff I'm coughing up is a distinctly different (and more ominous) color than what's coming out my nose. After two weeks of not being able to breathe through my nose and now losing my voice, I'm generally in a bad mood and even more so after having to wait 20 minutes for a pharmacist at Albertson's to purchase a box of Sudafed 12-Hour. When I take over the world, I am going to sentence every methamphetamine user and producer to death sobriety by waiting in government office lines.

Luckily I don't have much walking to do this week -- a den meeting on Monday night if I'm not coughing up a lung then, voting on Tuesday (no way I'm missing that and if you live in Texas, you shouldn't either, if only to vote on Proposition 2), and Laurel's ARD meeting on Wednesday.

Vogon anticipates having the car back on Friday, so I should work on getting everything he might want moved into storage boxed and ready, but I feel like crap on rye and don't know how much I'll get done this week other than general housekeeping, the sewing I've committed to (zipping together a handful of jumpsuits and basting Velcro to sew in after they've been fitted to the kids) and mailing off a disc and a sketch I promised to my sister.

"Bees" is stuck in my head, but you can share in that small part of my headspace by downloading it from la Laura Cantrell's website downloads page.
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