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Down with a cold, Captain Bob's passing, evening at the fall family campout and cleaning the house.

I feel like I should provide a doctor's note to explain my recent dry spell in posting. Laurel had a cold last weekend and as she started feeling better, I started coughing. I spent most of the week waiting for my immune system to stage a response and Vogon took a personal day Wednesday to make me sleep as much as possible to encourage said immune response; once it finally did, my psoriasis flared up too, so I don't need to dress up for Halloween anymore.

On Thursday, Himself's mother sent us an e-mail that Captain Bob was in the hospital and not expected to make it. We called the next day to see how things were going and I found out he died Thursday night after staying on life support for six hours to say goodbye to family. There will be a small service at Fort Logan on Monday.

I mostly caught up on laundry on Friday -- folded a load I'd left in the dryer, did and dealt with four more. There's one finished load sitting in the dryer but it's mine, so folding it is low on my priorities at the moment.

We made it up to Hickory Creek Park on Saturday just in time for our dutch ovens to be inducted into Scouting use with dutch oven cobbler. Laurel was thrilled at the playground right across from the covered picnic table our den was using and played there alternately between decorating her mini pumpkin, visiting with a little dog that had come with one of the families in our pack, helping me assemble two foil packs so our den could learn about how to assemble and cook them, and later giving out light sticks for the pumpkins and kids. She behaved beautifully at campfire time, eating peach cobbler and a few bites of my cherry cobbler, and even raised her hand to tell a joke although she got a little nervous in front of everyone. We got home in time for me to catch SNL, but I fell asleep during Weekend Update.

I've got to get back to cleaning now, but I'm not particularly looking forward to it because I've been having a hard time concentrating. Having the noise of two competing TVs and not being able to use my wireless headphones (wearing them exacerbates the psoriasis behind my ears, usually okay but bad now) is going to make doing quality work a challenge. Since I have to replace anything of value I pitch (which contributed significantly to how the kitchen got so cluttered) I've been leaving stuff that's not obviously trash or mine where I find it and now I have to figure out how to neatly rearrange it. Wish me luck, or something.
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