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Surprises in Laurel's daily folder, or filling out forms when I'm sick is way too much fun.

Every day, Laurel brings home a "daily folder" from school. One side has a calendar for the current month stapled into it that keeps track of her behavior and upcoming school events. The folder pocket on the other side holds non-homework items that are sent home with her -- forms to fill out and return, volunteer paperwork, and the occasional announcement. Recently, it's carried the paperwork from Special Education Services, required for the speech therapy she's receiving and anything the educational assessment I gave consent for identifies as areas she needs extra help in.

This week? I'm dumbfounded. Yesterday brought a thank-you note from her teacher for the classroom wish list books we bought at the book fair. Today had an invitation to a party for one of her classmates and a large envelope I thought was more sped paperwork but surprised me by being a request for her to be tested for the district's gifted and talented program.

I'm still not quite sure what to make of that -- her recent report card was average across the board aside from me bristling slightly at where it ranked her reading skills (it said she was in an early stage of writing random letters; I think she's sounding out words and labeling pictures, but it's hard to read her work because she's getting the hang of correct grip and not writing some letters/numbers backward) -- but it should be fun to fill out the parent inventory while I'm out of it with this frelling cold.

edit 10/27: I found out at Laurel's parent-teacher conference this afternoon that her teacher recommended her for gifted screening because of her pattern-making skills -- apparently her ability to assemble puzzles and complete complex patterns (she still has trouble with simple linear a-b patterns, but a 5x5 grid is no problem) is well ahead of the curve for her age.

I also found out that she really likes the crayons at school (and the pieces her teacher kept surprised me with the vividness and detail, though I had to explain the "angry eyebrows" she often draws), so we broke out the 72-crayon hard case the nerdsprout left with the caveat that Laurel only take out one crayon at a time and that I will take it away if I see any crayons on the floor (a problem with past boxes).
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