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Bank of America sucks worse than a cheap hooker, or why we're looking for a new bank.

vogonpoet lost his check card on our last day of vacation in late July. He called Bank of America to have that card canceled and a replacement card issued, which he was told would take five to seven business days to arrive. After two weeks, he called to see why it hadn't arrived yet. They had sent it to the wrong address, even though he had to repeat his address over the phone when he made the initial request, and offered to send another.

It happened again and again for the next two months. Toward the end of September, a form letter arrived that said his request for a photo debit card could not be filled because he didn't have a photo in their system. (It didn't reference which request it was in response to, but he hadn't requested a photo card, just a replacement debit card.)

He finally convinced a representative to FedEx a card to our local branch at the end of September. That replacement card arrived during the second week of October and he used it to withdraw money from ATMs a handful of times using the PIN number he set up when he opened the account. When he went out earlier tonight to use an ATM at our local branch, it claimed the PIN number was incorrect every time he tried it.

He called their 800 number and went through the prompts to reach a live representative, who said "oh, that happens sometimes" and could be remedied at our local branch. Unfortunately, none of the 20 banking centers within a 5-mile radius of our home are open on Sunday and many aren't even open on Saturday.

So, after two months of trying to get a replacement check card and having to get temporary ATM cards twice to access to his money outside of business hours, Bank of America randomly changed Vogon's PIN number on a Friday or Saturday and we can't do anything about it until Monday. He'll be closing his accounts there, I'll be following suit, and we hope to find a new bank that can find its rectum without both hands and a flashlight. Suggestions welcome.

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