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Last weekend, I talked to Vogon about going to Target for a storage system for Laurel's toys. (A set of primary-colored storage bins and natural wood shelves we bought there a few years ago held up nicely through two moves. It's been at my parents' house since we moved here, so I'd like to either buy another one in the same colorway or with pastel-colored bins and white shelves.) We haven't gotten there yet, but this week we've bought a pair of portable sewing tables that were on sale at the fabric store (I've assembled one and will probably leave the other until the weekend), two camp Dutch ovens and reversible griddle lids for same, a bicycle for Laurel, and I won an eBay auction for Scout uniform pants.

I'm very pleased at how much I've been able to save with 'experienced' uniform parts. Thanks to my folks passing along three short-sleeve uniform shirts my brother had outgrown ($24 apiece new) and scoring a pair of gently worn shorts and an unhemmed pair of trousers in separate eBay auctions for $25 plus shipping (just under $70 new), all I've had to buy new are insignia (~$10 per shirt), a neckerchief and a Scout belt ($6 each).

I still need to buy a few small items -- a council shoulder patch for each shirt, shoulder tabs or 2" wide grosgrain ribbon to make them myself, and my position insignia -- and the appropriate colors of thread to sew on a few patches and hem my uniform pants, but I've gotten squared away with an entire uniform for less than I would have paid for one new shirt with insignia and a pair of pants.


Today's moment of Zen: complete your Playmobil airport play set with a security check-in. Marvel at the working conveyor-belt action!


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Oct. 14th, 2005 02:23 am (UTC)
I really like those pastel colored bins. I should get some for Audrey.
Oct. 15th, 2005 05:19 pm (UTC)
The bins made it much easier for Laurel to find the toys she wanted to play with and to pick up afterward by designating each bin for a specific kind of toy, like Duplo blocks, wooden train parts, beading and lacing toys, etc..

We're letting her decide whether she wants primary or pastel-colored ones this time. (:
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