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Pumpkin ideas, wood-fired pizza, fun with Denver headlines, and Laurel coloring in reading books.

I think a theme for this year's pumpkins would be fun. I came up with a bunch of ideas, scrapped most of them, and now I'm down to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Bloo and Mac together, Eduardo, Coco), Kim Possible (Kim, Ron, Rufus), or Mucha Lucha (Rikochet, Buena Girl, The Flea).


Vogon came in at lunchtime craving wood-fired pizza. After racking our collective brains and coming up with Colorado places (the obvious -- Beau Jo's and Woody's), we did a quick Google search and came up with Two Rows, which has a location in Addison. We split a blackened chicken alfredo pizza with a scallion and garlic focaccia crust, no tomatoes.

While looking for an official website for Woody's, I skimmed the headlines on the Denver CBS affiliate's website since one in the local news box on caught my eye: "Home Invasion Suspect Stabbed To Death By Homeowner". One of the related stories from that story's page was "Man With Sword Confronts Burglars, Gets Shot" (talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight, though it was a homeowner awoken by the burglary and shot at by the suspects as they were leaving his home) and at the end of the local/regional headline list was "Man Caught Smuggling Yeast In Jail", which I just giggled at even though I correctly guessed it was brewer's yeast and not a bacterial infection. The line "Initial tests on the substance were negative for marijuana, cocaine and hash. . . . Later, authorities determined the true nature of the substance" just slays me.


I need to do a sweep for any loose writing utensils again -- Laurel took a crayon and a pen to one of my vintage children's books that we had gone over many times that it was a reading book, not a coloring book, and belonged to Mommy. I'm considering withholding her latest book order's books until she agrees to not color in reading books. (She has a pile of coloring books and paper in the living room, so I think this is more exploring boundaries than a lack of material for creative pursuits.)
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