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Car gets it again, looking for a locking gas cap, LJ Schools Directory fun and incoming cold front.

Someone robbed Vogon's car late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, but they weren't particularly bright -- they took a bunch of fast-food napkins, an old pair of sunglasses with scratched lenses, and some of the CDs from the center console. They left several CDs behind, ignored a couple bucks' worth of change in the driver's side door handle and apparently didn't even touch two unopened rolls of white duct tape and a Mapsco Dallas street guide (MSRP $36.95) on the rear floorboard. Meh.


I stopped by the local auto parts store Monday in search of a locking gas cap for Vogon's car. No dice, but I'll keep looking. I'm not as worried about siphoning as I am about an anonymous vandal putting crap in the gas tank again because having the gas tank and fuel filter removed, cleaned and replaced costs quite a bit more than a locking gas cap.


I'm having absurd amounts of fun with the LJ Schools Directory. After adding myself to the two schools I've attended and adding the rest, I was delighted to find someone else from Oxford Academy had added themselves -- celticmagic310Laura! I am thrilled, though it's not as bouncing-off-the-walls exciting as when I found devilmuse through Google.

I appear to be the oldest D'Evelyn graduate currently listed, which isn't a big surprise since I was in their first graduating class and all the other D'Evelyn folks I know on LJ are two classes after me (i.e., most of Da Guys).


We finally should be seeing some fall weather soon after highs in the 90s and low 100s all month; the front's coming through now (thank you sinuses) and we've got some thunderstorms -- the latest thunderclap just set off a couple of our neighbors' car alarms. I hope it goes through quickly since it's bath time for the kiddo.
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