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While watching the news for coverage of Galveston...

Last night I had Texas Cable News on to listen to KHOU covering the weather conditions in Galveston. I was hoping to hear about the Flag Man after hearing on The Pugs & Kelly Show that he was supposedly still there. Instead, I got an unexpected chuckle at the fashion choice of a citizen journalist.

While a reporter covering the fire in the Strand was on the phone to the station as a crew tried to set up an uplink, he talked to a local resident that had taken a video clip of the fire with his camera phone and asked him why he hadn't evacuated. He replied that his van wouldn't have done well in the traffic getting out of the area, chuckled and said yesterday had the sweetest surf of his life, then continued that he had come over to check on some friends' businesses. I giggled at his Oscar the Grouch t-shirt when they briefly got the video uplink working.

Today it looks like Galveston was spared major damage, so hopefully our October mini-vacation there is still on.

(For those curious about the damage, what I've gleaned from the news is that a fire last night in the Strand damaged a bail bonds company, a Victorian-era home, and an art gallery housed in the former Eagle Lodge, the Galveston Daily News building had a partial roof collapse, and a wall of Yaga's Cafe collapsed. The Daily News article "Storm damage not as bad as feared" goes into more detail.)
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