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More on health insurance for Laurel, plus finding ways to contribute to the Cub Scout den.

I found out today that I don't make enough to qualify for the state children's health insurance program, making it the first time I've actually been too poor for low-income aid. After explaining my situation to two different people on the phone this morning, they told me to apply for Medicaid. It's somewhat depressing to apply for Medicaid, but Laurel's eyes aren't going to be fixed by patching alone and there's no court order mandating that Himself help with her costs (there should be after the court grants our divorce, but who knows when that will happen), so it's up to me to find ways to help with the cost of eye muscle surgery. It's been two years since she had a well-child checkup anyway, so Medicaid's a good choice for her now.


In better news, the Cub Scout pack meeting tonight went well. I'm starting to enjoy the different vibe from the younger Scouts and touched base after the meeting with last year's second-year Webelos den leader to get an idea of what the boys should be working on and how I can contribute more to the den. We agreed that since the den already has an assistant den leader, they could probably best tap my experience as a den chief until we receive one from a local troop. (The position is usually filled by a Boy Scout.) We then talked with the current den leader, who seemed a little miffed that I engaged a third party, but tapping someone who knows how to phrase questions to get the information I need is incredibly helpful.

That conversation helped me learn that the boys haven't earned their Whittling Chip cards, which are required for Cub Scouts to carry and use a pocketknife at certain Scout functions, so I was able to offer to teach that at an upcoming den meeting. This is a win-win situation: the boys will have a head start with basic knife skills if they choose to move on to Boy Scouts and I'll be able to contribute more than being a warm adult body at den meetings. I also learned they have virtually no outdoor cooking skills yet, so I'm even more grateful that the package of Scouting loot my folks sent included my outdoor cooking binder and patrol cooking worksheets that my brother's troop used.

I also ordered my Class B uniform shirt (aka the pack/troop t-shirt) tonight. You can giggle at pictures of me in it after it comes in.
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