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Laurel's ophthalmologist's visit and an aside on evaluating a program from more than one source.

Today was our appointment with Dr. Davis, the pediatric ophthalmologist. They gave me a nice discount for self-pay, so it cost much less than what I had budgeted.

The doctor gave us the inevitable news that Laurel has monocular vision -- that is, she only sees with one eye at a time. She is not blind in her right eye like the previous doctor (who didn't even do the vision exam himself) insisted, but will need eye muscle surgery in order to have binocular vision since her amblyopia is not caused by farsightedness.

Dr. Davis said we can reduce the amount of time she's patched down to an hour daily, which is a relief since she's started trying to take her patch off after two hours, and we'll see him again in 4-6 months.

I now plan to enroll Laurel in the state children's health insurance program with my income. (If they audit me for not listing Himself's income, they're welcome to go after him for child support.) Benefits begin 90 days after enrollment, so if I get this squared away now, she'll have coverage by our next visit and we'll see if their practice can perform the procedure for her; otherwise we'll go with the doctor's suggestion to call Children's Medical Center to see if they can offer a lower out-of-pocket price for the procedure.


Someone replied to a comment Karak made in a mutual friend's entry that they believe Landmark Education is a cult after they did some online research after reading his initial comment. Based on the rest of the comment thread, the majority of their research was reading pages within a single anti-est/anti-Landmark site that they quote elsewhere in the thread. I'd like to direct them toward the Skeptic's Dictionary article and comments, which is much more balanced than the sole site they cited, and The Scoop About The Landmark Forum, but if they want to believe it's a cult, that's their choice.
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