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New World Discovery completely backed up in PCStitch format. Phew.

My eyes are so tired I think they might fall out. After a big push the last two weeks, I have gone from just shy of 50% to 100% completion transferring the pattern for New World Discovery (Bucilla 41150, approx. finished size 16x12" on 18-count fabric) into PC Stitch. The .pat file is 215kb, which is absolutely amazing to me -- the biggest sample file that came with the program is 52kb and the 5x7" patterns I've made myself come in under 30kb.

Now that I'm not worried about my well-worn pattern falling apart at the seams (the original paper pattern was printed on both sides of a 17x22" sheet), I'm motivated to plow through the remaining backstitching, double-check for missed stitches, clean it and get it professionally framed. Once it's done, it will be both the biggest project I've completed so far (Lavender & Lace's The Wedding, which I'm doing for my sister, is larger but has more empty space) and the biggest pattern I've hashed out in PC Stitch format.

I'm going to go eat red bean mochi and see if Laurel's ready to take her bath.
Tags: 004_computers, 746.443_cross-stitch_patterns, 746.4_needlework

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