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Don't nap on the couch, PetsMart shopping run, and buying organic Tahitian vanilla beans on eBay.

I've been really tired this week, so after returning from dropping the kiddo off at school in the morning, I take a nap. I have really bizarre dreams when I nap on the couch -- one sent such physical signals to my head I fell off the couch and when I mentioned the dream I had Thursday morning to Vogon at lunch, he joked that the couch was doing it. I Febrezed the heck out of it yesterday and took today's nap in bed.


Laurel loves the red-clawed crabs (Sesarma bidens) that live in the tank in our master bedroom. We were down to two and she was concerned that 'Mister Crabby' (they are collectively named, just as orange goldfish are all 'Dorothy') was lonely, so we bought several more today. Now the two males have some girls to fight over, which should curb their occasional fighting with one another and, sadly, decimate the chances I'll have to yell "Bum fight!" when I see them fighting.

Our plan was to get those and a set of nail clippers at PetsMart, but we got cheerfully distracted -- Laurel met a standard poodle as excited as she was to make a new friend and a tiny chihuahua that ran in circles in the cart it was riding in -- and picked up some things we hadn't planned on: a LitterLocker, which seems to be the feline equivalent of a Diaper Genie, a Barbie grooming set that Laurel liked, and a slicker brush. Vogon also got some more mollies for the big tank and a blue betta for a tank that's been sitting unused since I've been here.


After mentioning to Vogon that McAuliflower of Brownie Points, a food blog I read regularly, had won an eBay auction on a pound of 5-6" long beans for $14.25 plus shipping from a seller that deals in organically grown Tahitian vanilla beans, he asked me to put a bid in on a pound. The seller had two one-pound lots closing tonight; I sat on one and won it for $25 (less $10 after redeeming an eBay gift certificate I had) plus shipping. Considering that single vanilla beans start at $4 locally and the aforementioned food blogger got 176 beans in her pound, there's gonna be some hot food pr0n around here.
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