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Memes: 20 random things about me and selected Interests explained.

clemidia tagged me with this: List 20 random things about me and post them.

  1. I rarely wear jewelry. Anything non-breathable against my skin for too long irritates my psoriasis. Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

  2. One of my first purchases after I become a homeowner will be a sign from Zuni Sign Company.

  3. After Vogon taught me how to make yogurt, I became a convert to the superior flavor of homemade yogurt. It's surprisingly easy -- here's the recipe we use.

  4. On my father's side, I'm a first-generation American by birth. (Dad became an American citizen at age 18.)

  5. I don't know how to drive a stick shift. We keep meaning to remedy that but simply haven't yet.

  6. The colors orange and yellow are virtually nonexistent in my wardrobe.

  7. I love vinegar. Combined with Vogon's thing for flavored oils, we have bottles of both all over our kitchen. I'm looking at organizing them... somehow.

  8. My parents named all their daughters after songs. Luckily they didn't name me Mister Bojangles.

  9. I can't read 12pt Verdana at a foot away without my glasses. Yes, I'm nearsighted.

  10. I've named and regularly talk to all of our houseplants.

  11. My political leaning has been called crunchy. I used to belong to the Green Party, but pragmatism eventually won over idealism. I'm currently registered as a Libertarian.

  12. I'm barefoot as often as possible, because it's comfortable and finding shoes for narrow, high-arched feet is unnecessarily difficult. Most of the time I wear Teva sandals, though I have some excellent narrow shoes in storage in Colorado.

  13. I've had a caffeine habit for years and while I have gone without caffeine (notably for most of my pregnancy with Laurel), I've found I have headaches less often if I have one caffeinated drink a day.

  14. I swear by FlyLady for helping me stay on track with housekeeping. If I mention shining my sink, it's not a euphemism for something I wouldn't say in mixed company.

  15. I like malted milk balls. A lot.

  16. I was born at my grandmother's house. My birth was the first in that town since 1946, when the local hospital stopped delivering babies.

  17. My hair is currently waist-length. I didn't really plan for it to be so long (again), but I'm too cheap to hope the stylist doesn't decide to take artistic liberties with my hair when I'm paying for a haircut. I avoid SuperCuts because of a stylist that cut bangs back in after I'd spent over a year growing them out and specifically asked her to not do that.

  18. I like hats, especially if they have ear flaps.

  19. Soy makes my world go 'round. I'm not vegetarian for the same reason I'm not gay -- I like meat too much -- but I love soy-based foods. Especially steamed edamame and this ridiculous soy and green tea chewy candy I buy at our local Japanese grocery.

  20. The best present I've ever been given is a blanket.


I'm hopping on the bandwagon with this one after seeing it in several of my LJ Friends' journals:

Look at your LiveJournal Interests list. If you have fewer than fifty, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of them.

I like even divisions, so I picked every twelfth interest from mine.

auntiesiannan: Today on Jerry Springer, Siannan is mah baby daddy! Actually, auntiesiannan is the mythical cool aunt that plays with trucks and always has gum. She hates matching furniture sets and beige, loves art paper and knits cool stuff.

claire mccardell: One of the greatest fashion designers of the 20th century. Not in my opinion, humble or not, but full stop. If you wear mix-and-match separates, pedal-pushers, bareback summer dresses, strapless swimsuits, or feminine denim fashion, you're appreciating her work. (And while I'm having this fangirl moment, Folkwear's Town and Country Dress pattern based on one of her designs is currently on closeout for $9.)

disappear fear: a folk-rock duo from Baltimore, they rarely appear together lately but Sonia is still recording and performing.

folk music: by which I mean contemporary folk, Dave Schramm's solo folk albums, a few artists I usually find shelved under alt country, and the mix of artists that you might see at Falcon Ridge.

hand sewing: something I used to do as a pleasant change of pace from the sewing machine, particularly for miniatures. The latter was put on hold after I left my magnifying lamp in Colorado, but with its replacement I need to schedule some time during the day for me to get back to that.

intelligent conversation: elusive in some places I've lived and short-lived relationships, it's one of my requirements for a sustained relationship with anyone -- Do they have at least a passing knowledge of current events? Do they have a fandom they can speak coherently about and I find somewhat interesting? Are they registered to vote? What do they read and who are their favorite authors? Do they watch Fox News while sober? (Okay, I'm not serious about that last one, but it would be funny to ask.)

lewis carroll: engaging and clever with both wit and math, he's one of my favorite authors.

mister rogers' neighborhood: Fred Rogers really Knew (capitalization intentional) how to communicate with children. The show's week-long story arcs are still so memorable I'd buy the show on DVD by the season if it were available.

paul fierlinger: the animator behind one of my favorite series from Sesame Street, Teeny Little Super Guy.

sesame street: I love pre-1990 seasons of Sesame Street fiercely and collect early memorabilia.

tenacious d: This is just a tribute. *laughs*

ysl: short for Yves Saint Laurent, I'm fond of both their fashion (particularly vintage, but you expected that) and their perfume -- YSL Rive Gauche was my signature scent until last year.
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