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Shopping, Halloween costumes, and fear my latest mix disc plans.

Between the long weekend and payday, we had a rather consumer weekend. On Friday, we replaced the excellent magnifying lamp that I left behind in Colorado. Laurel and I had a leisurely lunch at Steak 'n Shake on Saturday while Vogon shopped in Central Market. We hit up Blockbuster on Sunday for his movie fix, went to Hancock Fabrics twice to pick up McCall's patterns for 99 cents each -- limit 5 per visit, hence the repeat trip, 50% off notions, and neat sale fabric, and Vogon replaced both the DVD player, which literally ate a DVD a few days ago, and the TV in the study, which had been dying for awhile. (No surprise, it hit its teens earlier this year.)

While looking at patterns, Laurel asked if she could be Invisible Woman for Halloween. It's a neat idea but I'm not sure how we'd execute it. Since we already have a stash of Halloween patterns we bought on post-holiday clearance last year, I flipped to the page in the Simplicity catalog with the Disney Princesses pattern and she decided she liked that just fine. We have some yellow satin in the stash that would make a nice Belle gown. The nerdsprout once described the fabric as looking like a prom dress threw up. Hee.

And in case I haven't mentioned them here before, I'm really digging Penn Masala lately. Also, I'm making Vogon a mix disc of nerdcore to listen to at work. Save me from myself.
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