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Brief rambling on books, a couple notes for Vogon, using up Shutterfly prepaid credits and mopping.

I added a few books to my Amazon wishlist on Saturday after I went in search of a good book to start reading about knowledge organization (focusing on library and information science, suggestions welcome) and realized that if you gave more weight to my wishlist than the random mental list and occasional rants I post here, I seem a lot more interesting there... if by "interesting" you mean "has expensive taste in books on information design and likes children's books that have probably been banned in conservative places". The latter spills over into my LJ -- my crafts and home/family icons are from Robert Munsch's Good Families Don't, the best children's book ever written about farts.

Through one of the book reviews I read there, I found something sure to please your inner cartography geek: the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, with over 11,000 antique maps digitized for your lusting viewing pleasure.


Quick notes for Vogon:
- the movie with all the hands is Quicksilver Highway;
- Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planter and Gro-Pole


I received a pre-paid Shutterfly card as a Christmas gift a few years ago. It was due to expire at the end of the month and I had no idea what I'd want to use the 50+ 4x6" print credits for until my little sister mentioned she was planning to make a scrapbook for Laurel with photos from our vacation last month. Thanks to that, I used them up and spent a total of -- drum roll please -- $4.92 for 60 4x6" prints that my sister will be receiving in a couple of days. I am a happy consumer.


Vogon bought a bushel box full of roasted Hatch chile peppers over the weekend that he prepared and froze in ice trays we have just for the task. I love the smell of them, but the box leaked in the kitchen so the floor was sticky until I broke down the wet box and bagged it, then used an old sponge to wipe up the worst of it until I mop. I'm not sure when I started to dislike mopping, but I suspect it has to do with the style of mop we have. We have a string-style mop, which I've only used in very large spaces like camp dining halls, and I prefer a sponge mop for home use.

I'd been thinking about buying a Swiffer WetJet to use in between full-on mopping and regularly in the bathrooms, but I don't like the continuing cost of disposable cleaning pads and cleaning solution. Now I'm trying to decide whether a mop with a microfiber pad (such as the StarMop) or a terry cloth pad would be better. Assuming they're the same price, which would you choose and why?
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