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Pharmaceutical shopping, loving the iTunes store, a spaghetti sauce recipe and RIP Bob Moog.

If I ever meet someone that makes amphetamine or methamphetamine, I'll be tempted to kick them for making my life unnecessarily difficult. Because of their use in manufacturing the aforementioned drugs, phenylpropanolamine (PPA) was voluntarily withdrawn from the market in 2000, I got the third degree every time I bought Tavist ASH because it contains pseudoephedrine (which is not its only active ingredient, but I switched to regular Tavist to save the headache at checkout), and finding ephedrine is increasingly difficult.

Ephedrine as a bronchodilator has been mostly replaced by salbutamol (aka Ventolin or albuterol), but Vogon prefers it for less unpleasant side effects than what he's experienced with albuterol and long-acting bronchodilators. He's used Bronkaid (25 mg ephedrine sulfate/400 mg guaifenesin) for years without having trouble finding it in stores, but our local Walgreens recently stopped carrying it without advance notice.

I went online in search of a source for ephedrine or ephedrine/guaifenesin that holds a DEA controlled substance distribution license and follows federal requirements for selling products containing ephedrine. I found one, filled out and faxed back their account file form with two forms of ID, then ordered one unit (375 tablets) of 25 mg ephedrine HCL and one unit (360 tablets) of 25 mg ephedrine HCL/400 mg guaifenesin since their site said nothing about limitations on ordering ephedrine-containing products aside from establishing an account file with them. The next day, an e-mail arrives from a customer service supervisor that consists of the line "We can only send one order of the HCL every 30 days to you!" and their signature block.

This confused me because the "HCL" after "ephedrine" refers to it being in a salt form (to be water-soluble). Many pharmaceutical products are available as hydrochlorides, so it's like a hardware store saying you can only buy one blue item per month without specifying whether the blue item is paint or tape. I turned the e-mail over to Vogon to reply, since he's much better than I am at translating from confused to clear and speaking in their language back to them. We'll see what happens.


In the meanwhile, I love how easy buying music from the iTunes store is -- after buying Sweet Honey In The Rock's children's albums for the midget last week, I bought myself two Laura Cantrell albums (Humming by the Flowered Vine and a 2003 live album originally released on eMusic) over the weekend and I'll be burning backups of them later this week. Biko appears to like "14th Street" as much as I can tell from her reaction -- she also likes the Indigo Girls and definitely dislikes anything with bagpipes.


I plan to try this recipe from Susie Bright the next time I remember to buy tomatoes: The Best Spaghetti You Ever Had.


Rest in peace, Bob Moog.
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