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Memes: three things that bug me, ten things that give me a moment of joy.

may_lyn tagged me to:
List three things that bug you that others may find trivial, then tag five of your friends. Only list three things because you may/can be tagged again.

1. Product paperwork that isn't well-formatted to go in a three-ring binder.
2. Not having a crossing guard at the six-lane road near our local elementary school. (Crossing guards are provided by the police department, so there may be one later in the year.)
3. Cheap metallic thread in needlework kits.


And starzz tagged me with:
List 10 things in a day that give you a moment of joy and tag five of your friends.

1. Seeing the midget off to school on weekday mornings.
2. Flavored lip balm.
3. Non-bill items in the mail -- catalogs, letters, whatever.
4. Lunch with vogonpoet.
5. Straightening the bookshelves.
6. Biko greeting me every time I come in the door.
7. Folding laundry while it's still warm and lavender-scented from the dryer.
8. Having a little treat by myself after midget's in bed. (Tonight it's a bit of raspberry fudge.)
9. Going to sleep with the kitchen sink shining.
10. My enormous waffle-weave blanket.
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