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Adult lunch, start of school notes, more birthday mental lint, and TV funnies.

Vogon and I had lunch at Pei Wei today. Looking for a two-top and not trying to keep the kidlet within reach but not underfoot was different, but I like it.


We hit a few sprinkles as we approached Laurel's school this afternoon, then the skies opened up and we had to put the top up on the car before parking. Laurel got antsy after she saw me but had to wait until her whole class was lined up outside to shake her teacher's hand -- done to ensure the student is leaving with the correct person -- and leave.

She screwed up her face like she was going to cry, but I reminded her to take a deep breath and a few deep breaths calmed her down. While we waited, she told me about her day, then the teacher told me about today's recess injuries and asked if I'd like the paperwork to start her in speech therapy (a resounding yes from us) before we left in search of the car.

Vogon had left the parking spot by the time we got there and was waiting in the drop-off lane, where we were getting into the car when one of the staff members asked us to please pull into a space to load/unload. While I appreciate their concern for safety, there isn't anyplace to pull into when the left and right lanes of the drop-off lane are full of PARKED cars. Meh.

I'm hoping Laurel's accrued playground injuries (in two days, she's scraped both elbows and bumped a spot on her back that may bruise) are just from getting used to recess and not a lack of coordination like Himself reportedly had as a child. I've got my fingers crossed, anyway.

After we got in, I found our Office Depot delivery had arrived in the <20 minutes we were out, so I got to carry an outsized box holding a ream of 12x18" 50 lb manila paper and a smaller box with the rest of the order from the office up to the apartment without any free hands to keep one on Laurel. I repacked the school supplies into the smaller box to take to school tomorrow and I'll be enjoying my part of the purchase later.


I got a little money and some gift cards for my birthday. I haven't budgeted all of it out yet, but my tenative plans are to spend a little on things for me (office supplies, a new calendar and maybe a duster from the FlyLady store, some organizing/storage things), make a larger than usual payment on my student loans, and save the rest. I promise not to make the pages of my new IKEA catalog sticky, although I'm lusting after a twin-size bed with storage underneath to replace the full-size bed in Laurel's bedroom... yeah.


A local news anchor made an unintentional funny tonight: "Why Wal-Mart is sweating the latest rise in gas prices, story tonight at ten after Law and Order: SUV."

Why I shouldn't let the peanut gallery talk while listening to the TV:
TV: Madonna injured in a horseback riding accident in England . . . [blah blah]
Me: What? Did she break her hymen?
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