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Photo: Laurel on her first day of school

School shopping turned out to be more of a scavenger hunt than I expected it to be, but we acquired almost everything on the list in time. Office Depot will be delivering the rest (12x18" construction paper, 12x18" manila paper and a box of 72 of the particular brand of #2 pencils the school supply list specified since finding plain yellow #2 pencils around here was ridiculous) to our house tomorrow along with a few things I wanted to stock up on for my personal stash.

Laurel had a bit of a rough start this morning after waking up to a low blood sugar episode, but I cajoled her into eating and nudging it back up with a Pop Tart. (I know it's not the best breakfast choice, but it's one of those times I'm okay with her having something sugary.) After she got ready to go, she barely stopped long enough for me to take a photo of her before we took her to school.

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