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March of the Penguins, under the weather, and my current DVD queue.

Vogon had a half-day today, so after lunch we went up to the Angelika to see March of the Penguins. I liked it, although we had to take Laurel's shoes off since she kept making them blink. (Amy bought her blinking Disney Princess sandals when we were on vacation because she felt the sandals she had weren't girly enough.) She behaved quite well for not being into the movie as much as the others she's seen in the theater this summer and told Grandma and Aunt Sarah all about it on the phone tonight.

I would like to have done more to celebrate my birthday than lunch out on the actual day and a movie a few days later, but I've been a bit under the weather lately. I picked up a cold last week that's hanging on, another molar abscessed (not as bad as the one earlier this year) and drained, and I have an intermittently piercing earache, although I'm not sure whether it's because of the cold or wax buildup. Vogon picked up a bottle of Similasan Earache Relief for me last night and it relieved the pain enough for me to sleep then and for a late-afternoon nap today.

I started watching My Architect: A Son's Journey earlier this week and am about halfway through it; I hope to finish tonight but if I don't, I will sometime this weekend. I also have The Motorcycle Diaries and My Mother Likes Women to watch on my own after Vogon watched both earlier in the week. We started A Very Long Engagement earlier tonight, but he fell asleep around 2100 in the study. I can wait until he's up again to resume watching it.
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