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Birthday, psoriasis flareup, Laurel's countdown to school chart and Biko tastes people food.

Yesterday was our birthday. caffeinediary, digitalusrex, greenisgood, tinder and I all reached our fifth fifth year, which I hope will be fruitful since I like square numbers. According to my Friends view, kafkadreams, storyofherlife and bugfish celebrated other-numbered birthdays as well.

Vogon took the midget and I to lunch at La Madeline, which was an interesting new experience (too noisy inside for my taste, especially with a cold) and I had a chocolate-filled éclair. That was good.

I found out later that afternoon that wanderingrogue, who I met last summer at a party mountain_hiker hosted, was celebrating her birthday too, so I resolved to have another dessert for her. I had hoped to find some creme bruleé, but I wasn't quite brave enough to make it myself so I had some raspberry fudge from Knott's Berry Farm for her instead. Mmm.

I screwed up my birthday karma this year by spacing my sister's wedding anniversary, which I am now trying to absolve by finding something both tasteful and paper-related. Right now I am torn between two luxurious but practical items, so I hope Vogon's taste can help me decide that tonight.

As noted in past entries, my psoriasis was mostly in check before we went on vacation, but I forgot to pack the OTC treatments I was using in my bag. I've been alternately applying Psoriasin gel and Flexitol Heel Balm since getting home, but it's officially worse now. There were several clear breaks in the skin around my eyes today, so I've applied triple antibiotic ointment and am hoping for the best. It hurts to blink so much that I'd lie down and nap if Laurel had actually taken a nap today instead of playing quietly in her room.

On that note, we made a chart for the refrigerator marked with each time Laurel has to sleep before school starts. She puts a sticker over each number after she wakes up, so right now she could peek in and tell you she has to sleep nine more times (five nights and four naps) before the first day of school. It's helped a lot since "When do I go back to school?" seemed to be every other sentence from her after we finished school registration on Monday.

And since I forgot to blog it over the weekend, Biko ate people food for the first time in the several years she's lived with Vogon this weekend! After I finished a bowl of grilled peaches and ice cream, Biko was sniffing at the empty bowl so Vogon suggested I coat the back of the spoon in the mix of juice and melted ice cream in the bottom of the bowl and offer it to her to sniff (she sniffs the majority of what he and I eat at home). She sniffed it as I expected her to, then licked the back of the spoon clean. Weird.
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