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Gah, we had a consumer weekend.

It wasn't as painful as it sounds, but I can't say it was entirely enjoyable.


1220_07laurelchessWhile Himself was home for dinner, kenwestervelt came over and we wound up at the coffeehouse for a few hours. He met someone that he arranged to jam with Saturday night, Laurel colored, played with MagPo and pretended to play chess, and I took pictures. We left too late for him to hit CD Warehouse on the way back (Jared rocks!), but I offered to make up for it with muffins.

Afterward we caught the news &c. and I remembered to tape UpClose at midnight, so I have their adaptation of Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) for anyone interested in seeing it. (: He fell asleep on the recliner while I was making muffins for him, so he spent the night.


The boys let me sleep in, so I woke up after noon to find them playing Heroes 3, Laurel watching Elmopalooza, and muffins left for me to eat too! Since Ken and I planned on seeing LOTR:TTT that afternoon, he picked up tickets while Himself, Laurel and I hit Sam's Club to see if they had a Secure Digital card (my new camera takes an SD card). I left them in line (long line, but it's the holiday season) and caught the movie with Ken, which was fabulous aside from the other people in the theater.

Speaking of which, does anyone read anymore? There was a gaggle of teenage girls behind us that seemed incapable of understanding that implied violent action != death. I wanted to put ball gags on them all after the first hour of the movie, so when they screamed at Aragorn going over the cliff, I turned around and said "He doesn't die, you morons." Also, people who take 6-year-olds to a 3-hour movie should not allow them to have plastic soda bottles. I didn't pay to listen to them repeatedly squish them and if my kid did that, you can bet I wouldn't take them to the movies until they learned not to.

1221_06melissaeatingAnyway, after that we reassembled at the house and Ken left for the coffeehouse while we went to dinner -- Himself wanted to go out. Had a nice dinner (and drink) at Texas Steakhouse, where we were pleasantly surprised by a server that was not only very friendly and attentive (Himself's glass was only once less than half-full) but at the end of our meal, said "if you celebrate it, merry Christmas!" It was sweet.

We wandered around Wal-Mart for fun and amusement afterward, tiring Laurel out (my hope) while confirming that they indeed have NO brassieres in my size and that the few 32s they have are in the girls' section. We got home a bit after midnight and I made sure to wash our new silicone multi-use molds -- still torn between making mini-Jello molds or mini-bundt cakes first.


We stayed in Sunday, leaving in mid-afternoon for a Target run -- they have 32B bras! (Flame, one of them is a Maidenform -- thanks for the recommendation!) Also picked up some vodka at the Class VI, holding off on picking up Kahlua since they were out of smallish bottles (I don't need 2+ liters). Steak and cherry limeade for dinner was lovely, and started plans on cooking the turkey that came in our poor airman's box since we're having ham for Christmas. Turkey enchiladas, turkey pot pie, and not sure what else to do -- we've got a 12.5 pound turkey!

Also goodness today -- one half of my gift from Himself arrived today, so I now own a lovely set of ultraviolet beads from GV as well as a little package I wanted. *winks lasciviously* Auntie, does this mean I have gender issues?

Smells like the neighbor's fired up another trash barbecue, so I'm off to see if my new steam inhaler helps circumvent the 2-week sinus flareup I got last time they did this.


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Dec. 23rd, 2002 03:18 pm (UTC)
Gender issues? Oh no, precious, you haven't been hitting the soy milk, have you?

Eat a side of beef like a good American and you'll feel womanly in no time. Don't forget to wear pearls.
Dec. 23rd, 2002 03:30 pm (UTC)
Not lately, I've been sharing it with Laurel.

I ate steak last night, and it isn't helping, although tonight I am hiding the package in my toybox.
Dec. 23rd, 2002 08:50 pm (UTC)
I did read the whole post and all, but the only thing I just really need to say is I hope you all have a good and safe holiday this week.

* Sends Goodness vibes™ *
Dec. 24th, 2002 10:06 am (UTC)
Thank you, sweetie. *hugs* I hope your holiday week goes well too -- it's nice to be near family to celebrate.
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